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Garage Door Services Offered


The most common repairs include spring replacement, cable replacement, and issues with the garage door opener.

If you experience or notice any changes or issues with your garage door, or if your garage door doesn’t open/close properly, or gets stuck – don’t hesitate to contact us!

Attempting to diagnose and repair garage door issues yourself  (springs especially) can be EXTREMELY dangerous and must be left to a trained professional.

Garage Door Automation

Convenience and Safety. These are the two biggest reasons for automating your garage door.   A garage door opener can make a big difference in your life. Don’t put unnecessary strain on your body and your family’s safety at risk. Get a garage door opener.

High-quality, reliable garage door motors, and remotes available at affordable prices!

We provide a 2-year warranty on all parts installed and a 90-day warranty on labor, so contact us if you need a new garage door opener!

Don't inconvenience yourself further with manually operating your garage door, If you are still unsure read further:

Benefits of Automating your Garage Door


The simple fact of not having to lift open your heavy garage door every time you need access to it. The process of continuously having to lift the garage door open can cause strain on your back and adds an unnecessary step to your daily routine. When you get home from a long, tiring day of work, the last thing you want to do is get out of your car to open your garage door.


The other major benefit of garage door openers is safety. You know that safety is very important to us. With a garage door opener, you don’t have to worry about walking up to your home when you arrive at night. You can simply open your garage door without having to exit your car, park in the garage, and close the door behind you


Garage Door Service

Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs

Do you have an older or problematic garage door? Are you struggling with your garage door motor/ garage door opener?  For a professional opinion, call us now. Remember, garage door springs are under a lot of tension & can be dangerous if handled incorrectly!

Types of Garage Door Repairs:

Different garage door parts might need replacement from time to time.  The parts that usually need replacement are garage door cables, garage door springs, bearing plates, garage door hinges, garage door brackets, garage door roller and pulley wheels, jamb arms, handles, bottom seals and on the roll-up garage door, the drum itself.


Reasons Why You Should Never Repair a Garage Door Yourself:


You could get hurt. You could get someone else in your family hurt—or worse. Garage doors are very heavy, and the springs are under a lot of tension. If you make a mistake in your repair, a spring could fly off and hit someone, or the door could fall. The accident could occur while you are working, or later when someone else is in the way. 

Garage repair technicians are trained to do the job safely and correctly. You aren’t. 


Attempt to repair your broken garage door on your own, and you could make the problem worse. 

We see this all the time. We get a call from a client asking us to fix their garage door after they tried and failed. These jobs are almost always bigger and more expensive than they would have been if the client had called us in the first place. 

Seriously, these are not good DIY projects. Without the proper training and the right tools, you’ll end up costing yourself more money. You’ll probably feel pretty lousy, too. Failure isn’t fun.

Trust Us

Maybe you think we’re just angling for more money by advising you to call in the professionals—after all, we’re the professionals. But honestly, we’d make more money off of you if you tried the repair and totally bungled it. Then we could come in and fix your mistakes and send you a big bill.

But that’s not how we do things. We like taking care of our clients. We don’t want to see you hurt, and we don’t want to see you waste money. So let us help you. Your wallet and your body (and your pride) will be glad you did.

 At Action Garage Doors we use quality, established, reputable products and are confident that we provide only the best!  

We have Qualified technicians who provide excellent service timeously.  

We pride ourselves in the quality workmanship we offer at Action Garage Doors.


Guaranteed satisfaction! 

The Better Choice!

  Call us now for Quality solutions


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