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Garage Door Automation

Comfort, convenience, safety & reliability.


Do you need any more reasons to invest in automating your garage door.


High-quality, reliable garage door motors and remotes available at affordable prices!

Don't inconvenience yourself with manually operating your garage door.

2-year product Warranty on garage door motors.

Servicing and Maintaining your Garage Door regularly by a professional is the best way to avoid accidents.  


Prevent unnecessary risk before it becomes a problem.  This will also save money in the long run and can play a fundamental role in the prevention of serious injury.

Prevention is better than cure !

Action Garage Doors Centurion always strive to provide clients with affordable long-term solutions



Garage Door Systems

There are three different types of Garage Door Systems:


Tortion Spring System (Single or Double Garage Door)


Tension Spring System (Shown on a Single Sectional Garage Door)


Roll up Garage Door System

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